The Teaing Process
Like other societies on campus, Phi Sig's application process begins with "teaing". Teas offer prospective applicants the opportunity to meet members of the society, to learn the purposes and goals of the organization, and to discover more about Phi Sig.
Phi Sig members are a group of extremely talented women with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious beliefs. Our members are dedicated to the purposes of the organization, and we are seeking people who exhibit a genuine interest in what the society stands for. The four pillars of Alpha Phi Sigma - Lecture, Social, Siblinghood, and Passion - are of paramount importance to all our members.
One must, at the very least, be in her second semester at Wellesley College to apply. First-year students in their first semester may not apply for membership, but are encouraged to attend our Open House, teas, lectures, and social events. Those who decide to tea must attend 2.5 out of 4 teas to apply. Further details about applying will be revealed during our teas.
The dates of our upcoming Tea Season can be found on our Facebook page. We are excited to meet you!