The Teaing Process FAQs

Like other societies on campus, Phi Sig's application process begins with "teaing". Teaing is the action of attending events hosted by Phi Sig to ascertain whether or not you want to apply.

Teas offer prospective applicants the opportunity to meet members of the society, to learn the purposes and goals of the organization, and to discover more about Phi Sig. Phi Sig members are a group of extremely talented women with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious beliefs. Our members are dedicated to the purposes of the organization and we are seeking people who exhibit a genuine interest in what the society stands for.

One must, at the very least, be in their second semester at Wellesley College to apply. First-year students in their first semester may not apply for membership, but are encouraged to attend our Open House, teas, lectures, and social events. Those who decide to tea must attend 2.5 out of 4 teas to apply. Further details about applying will be revealed during our teas. We will be hosting informal teas throughout the semester, as well.

Virtual teas will carry on the experience of togetherness that we share during a typical season through fun online games and ice breaking activities. The virtual environment will allow us to be creative.

There are four teas. In a typical season, the teas align with the four pillars of Phi Sig: Siblinghood, Lecture, Social, Passions. Each tea will fall on a different day. Refer to our Instagram and Facebook for more information on the dates of the teas.

Get excited! We just want to talk with you and have you get to know us. We want you to be comfortable, so do whatever it is you need to achieve that.

During the tea season, to avoid creating any biases within the society, the members are not allowed to accept follow requests on Instagram from tears until the end of the tea season. However, if you are already following a Phi Sig member, you are more than welcome to DM them and ask them to meet one on one for a more personal introduction. You may also message members on Facebook through Messenger if that is your preferred mode of communication.

Phi Sig collects dues from their members, but members are allowed to request financial aid from our treasurer. If you have any questions about the financial aid, please contact the current VPs and/or Treasurer.

You can tea as many times as you want and wherever you want!